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2XU Australia has the philosophy of crafting performance sport apparel garments that further human performance and fitness. 2XU takes advantage of its advanced fabric tech to deliver the highest quality sport and fitness performance apparel products that assist athletes of all levels. Worn by multiple world champions, endorsed by sports institutions the world over and praised by professional athletes from all disciplines, 2XU understands what is needed to be the best of the best. Developed by athletes for athletes, 2XU compression is one of the highest quality compression garments in the world.

2XU Australia has become one of the most technical performance sports brands in the world. 2XU online at onsport.com.au is available for men and women in a range of compression shorts, compression tights, compression tops and more, all in a variety of colours. 

2XU Australia exists to multiply human performance for elite athletes right through to the weekend warriors. 2XU Australia’s objective is to meet your expectations and surpass them with regards to sports and fitness performance garments.

2XU Australia are constantly testing and working with athletes, sports science experts, coaches and customers to produce world leading 2XU compression apparel.

2XU have created fabrics and garment construction from prototype yarns, ongoing research and development, design improvements, comfort and performance.

2XU creates zonal applications, allowing the garments to move with your body, not restricting it or cramping your athletic performance.

To be at one with the body and remain comfortable during exhaustive exercise pursuits and performances is what 2XU Australia strives to achieve for athletes of all levels day in day out.

Balancing the zones in the 2XU compression garments, how the garments fit and feel on your body and understanding the way each 2XU compression garment works in unison is also something 2XU Australia works hard to achieve.

2XU uses the latest innovations from leading fabric mills around the globe. 2XU Australia also use very advanced accessories and materials and 2XU are on a constant look out for new technology and manufacturing techniques. 

2XU compression garments are engineered to sustain the complexities and pressure that elite level sport and fitness brings.

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