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Gentlemen, running for miles, lifting heavy weights, training, playing sport and generally ‘winning’ is built into our DNA. Ever since cavemen walked this very earth of ours, we have been trying to out throw, out hunt, out run and out smart, our fellow man. Why? For the glory of winning and to impress cave women, it’s that simple. For Aussie men like us, sport is more than just a game. Sport is a religion. Whether you watch or play lawn bowls or cliff dive, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the competition.

At onsport.com.au, Australia’s best online sports store, we offer gentlemen of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities, quality men’s sportswear, men’s apparel, men’s sports clothing, men’s running shoes, men’s compression, men’s exercise equipment and fitness accessories and much more, just for you, man. 

So, whether you’re trying to gain a performance edge with a pair of 2XU compression tights, trying to track your run, cycle or swim progress with a heart rate monitor from our men’s sports technology range or you’re simply looking to kit yourself out in a smart looking piece of men’s sports apparel, onsport.com.au has the best range of men’s sportswear and sporting goods for men. Browse men’s sport and fitness categories today.