7 Nov 2015

Best Nike Fitness Accessories

We take an in-depth look at our 5 favourite Nike Fitness Accessories for getting and staying fit, whether you're running or working out at home, in the outdoors or even the office! Like most things in life we believe in doing them well the first time.

Nike clearly adopted the same attitude when designing and producing the Nike Accessories range for fitness enthusiasts looking for quality fitness accessories to support them during their athletic endeavours. We thought you'd appreciate our views on what we think are the best Nike fitness accessories, so we compiled a list of our top 5 favourite Nike accessories!

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Number 5: Nike Sport Water Bottle

The Nike Sport Water Bottle is a premium, 600ml water bottle that feels in your hand like it has been there with you since birth! We love the little details that have gone into designing the Nike Sport Water Bottle, including (and probably most importantly), being BPA free (we wouldn't take the risk buying a water bottle that wasn't BPA free these days), containing a leak-proof valve that seals the Nike water bottle from any spills (especially useful when the bottle's rolling around in your sports bag during transit to/from training or the gym), the funky and functional asymmetrical design of this Nike bottle, including a manufactured rubbery diagonal grid, provides you with great amounts of grip, handy during hot workouts when your palms are sweaty and allows you to free up one hand whilst you take on board water with the other hand. Available in a range of cool colours so that you can look ninja in black or rock your favourite colour with blue, white, light pink, orange (mango), red, volt, dark pink and yellow.

Shop the Nike Sport Water Bottle online.

Number 4: Nike Speed Rope

The Nike Speed Rope is a favourite of ours because of both its functional design and its look and feel. This premium yet reasonably priced Nike Speed Rope has been designed with the athlete in mind, featuring tangle free technology and adjustable handles to lengthen or shorten the rope depending on your height athletes as tall is 6 foot 6 can use this rope. The soft, contoured grips of this Nike Speed Rope feature two colourful rings - orange for the men, pink for the ladies and the speed rope itself is coated in polyurethane to allow the rope to swing freely and truly as you skip away to your heart's content! You'll love the premium feel of the Nike Speed Rope.

Number 3: Nike Diamond Arm Band for iPhone 5

If you love to run and workout with your tunes blasting in your ears, you'll love this handy iPhone 5 Diamond Arm Band from Nike! Made from a lightweight polyester/leather combination for a smooth finish both externally and against your skin, this iPhone arm band for running and working out is easily one of the most comfortable ways to carry your music with you when you're on the go.

The Nike Diamond Arm Band is available in two lining colours - red for when you're fired up and it's go time and volt yellow for when you are more relaxed. Both colours 'pop' through the cool diamond cut out design which is finished off with a silver reflective swoosh logo through the middle.

The thin clear window at the front of this iPhone arm band provides easy access to touch screen functionality and the arm band has also been cleverly designed to allow easy access to the ear phone port. Run and workout with your favourite tunes without worrying about your phone falling out of your pocket with the neat Nike Diamond Arm Band for iPhone 5! Shop the Nike Diamond Arm Band iPhone 5 online.

Number 2: Nike Push Up Grips

Work and tone your pecs, arms and stomach muscles with these sturdy yet portable Nike Push Up Grips! We love the colours that these bad boy push up grips come in - grey and pink for the ladies and black and orange for the men (who have hair on their chest and like to do manly things!).

The soft, contoured grips of the Nike Push Up Grips allow you to punch through as many push ups as your chest and shoulders will take, without cranking your hands. The wide base of each Push Up Grip provides stability and assurance that you're not going to topple during even a wild workout.

Why not just use the floor for free I hear you ask? Great question by the way, we wondered the same thing when we first saw these. The reason these Nike Push Up Grips will give you a much better workout than just using the floor is that the elevated position the grips put you into forces you to use your stabilising muscles more, as well as providing a harder workout on the elevation. If you're looking to tone your upper body, we highly recommend the Nike Push Up Grips in pink or black!

Number 1: Nike Essential Yoga Kit

Yoga has exploded as a fitness pursuit and hobby in recent times, becoming more and more mainstream as each year passes and it's not going to slow down any time soon. Why? Because people are finally starting to realise how good it is for you and how fabulous you feel after it!

The Nike Essential Yoga Kit provides you with everything you need to start doing yoga in your own home, the park or the office (behind closed doors hopefully...)! Using the yoga mat, block and strap, you can downward dog your way to a happier, healthier life. If you aren't already doing yoga, you simply must, it will literally change your life.

We love the quick dry, 3mm mat which has a soft feel but is hard wearing and the stretching strap is great for comfortably stretching out. This neat little yoga pack has all of the nice little touches such as an embossed Nike logo and little grippy 'bubbles' on the mat to keep you from slipping during the hottest of yoga sessions (be they by yourself or with an instructor). From beginners to experts, you'll enjoy using the Nike Essential Yoga Kit and at just $60, it makes a great present too!

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Your View? What Nike accessories are you a fan of? Comment below. Shop the full range of Nike Accessories.