11 Sep 2017

Garmin vivosport specs price and release date Australia

The new Garmin vivosport was announced by Garmin on 31 August 2017 and will be available to buy online in Australia from early September 2017. A detailed Garmin vivosport review will be posted as soon as we get our hands on a brand spanking new Garmin vivosport unit!

For now, we'll briefly run through the specs and why, based on the specs, we think this latest Garmin activity tracker is a great option if you're in the market for a feature-packed activity tracker with GPS or you're looking for a running watch with GPS and wrist-based heart rate in a slimmer, lighter weight (just 24-27g!) form factor that can be conveniently worn all day every day and is comfortable to sleep in.

Garmin vivosport key facts

- Release date: early September 2017
- Price (in Australian dollars): A$299
- Available colours: vivosport slate (small/medium + large), vivosport fuchsia focus (small/medium only), vivosport limelight (large only)
- Battery life: Smartwatch mode (everyday non-GPS use): up to 7 days. GPS mode - up to 8 hours.


- Garmin vivosport slate small/medium | Garmin vivosport slate large
- Garmin vivosport fuchsia focus small/medium
- Garmin vivosport limelight large

Garmin vivosport specs

The Garmin vivosport is an activity tracker packed full of the latest fit-tech! The most useful of these on a day to day functional level are:

Built-in GPS tracking - this is a standout feature that makes this a higher spec product than the vivosmart 3 and in our opinion, makes it a better option for regular outdoor exercisers (especially runners) who like to map their activities in the Garmin Connect app or in popular third-party apps such as Strava, as well as track distance and speed in real time using the on-board GPS. Having built-in GPS, combined with wrist-based heart rate is a big plus as it means you can leave the bulkier sport watch and chest strap at home and simply use the activity tracker / watch that you've been using all day to record your activities when you head out for a spot of exercise. It's a slimline, truly all-in-one option.

Wrist-based heart rate - using Garmin's Elevate heart rate sensor, the wrist-based heart rate functionality provides convenience for active pursuits, as it means you don't need to wear a chest strap (especially handy in the middle of winter!). The continual heart rate monitoring collects heart rate data for the resting heart rate metric and stress level / score.

Always on colour touch screen - a screen that is 'always on' is nice to have feature that means that you don't have to press a button or make an action to get the screen to turn on. The Garmin Chroma Display is a sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP), 72 x 144 pixels colour display. Essentially, Garmin have made this colour screen super easy to read the vivosport display in both direct sunlight and darkness.

Swim and splash proof - unlike a lot of competitor trackers, Garmin have lead the way with splash/swim/waterproof activity trackers and the vivosport is no exception here, having a 'Swim' water resistance rating, meaning it can be worn in the shower, the pool, diving into water, snorkeling, in rain or snow etc.

Step counting, move bar / alerts - keep a track of your daily step activity and receive reminders to move during periods of inactivity.

Connected features & smart notifications - handy for knowing at a glance who is calling or texting if you phone is near but not on you (e.g. when working out with a phone armband or if you're at an event or function where your phone is in your pocket or bag nearby). Music controls - connect your vivosport to your phone via bluetooth and conveniently control your music from your wrist. LiveTrack allows friends and loved ones to see your location, times and speed on a web-based map and cheer you on on race day, or know your location and that you're safe (for approved persons only!).

Sleep tracking, stress level analysis and breathing guidance - to provide a total health view, automatic sleep tracking, including analysis of levels / stages of sleep, is included, as well as an analysis of your stress levels and guided breathing exercises aimed at reducing stress levels.

Indoor workout profiles and rep counting - if you run on a treadmill or do other cross-training activities indoor you can record your workout with the indoor profiles. If you love to hit the steel room, you might like the rep counting function as it automatically counts and displays the number of reps that you have completed, so you don't have to worry if you lose count in your head.

Full Garmin vivosport specs

Main reasons to buy the Garmin vivosport

- Built-in GPS - legitimately substitute the Garmin vivosport for your running GPS watch or your multi-sport GPS watch on easy run days or ad hoc runs/workouts when the mood strikes
- Swim-proof - many of the other brand's activity trackers are not swim or splash-proof so this a big advantage
- Always on colour touch screen - makes it more convenient to use as a daily watch or to look at activity data on the screen during your run or workout

Garmin vivosport is ideal for

- Runners
- Walkers
- Gym junkies
- Weekend warriors

Garmin vivosport comparison vs vivosmart HR/HR+ vivosmart

Vivosport vs Vivosmart 3 vs Vivosmart HR

We hope this has been a useful summary of what features are coming to the Garmin vivosport and who they may be useful for. The vivosport will be available to buy online at onsport.com.au in early September and whilst we are yet to review a vivosport unit at the time of writing, the features packed into the vivosport should make it one of Garmin's best activity trackers yet.

Keep an eye out for our Garmin vivosport review very soon!

// Andrew, Team Onsport