11 Mar 2019

Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 Review


It’s 4:45am on an ordinary Wednesday morning in February. I wake to the gentle vibration from the silent alarm on my running watch and the first sound I become aware of is that of light rain hitting the roof and dripping into the down-pipe outside my bedroom window. "At least it’s not the middle of winter and freezing cold out", I think to myself. I reluctantly drag my tired self out of bed, yawn and slowly change into my running clothes. I’ve planned a 10km recovery run this morning and I need to get it done. As I slide on my socks, I consider my running shoe options. After contemplating this decision for a moment, I reach for the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 running shoes. It’s an easy decision. I lace up the Wave Inspire 15’s and head out into the dark, drizzly morning to start my run.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 is the latest offering in a long line of Wave Inspire running shoes turned out by running shoe specialists Mizuno. The Wave Inspire 15 is a Mizuno shoe designed for over-pronators requiring medial support whilst exercising. Whether you’re training for a running event or working out at the gym, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 is a great multi-purpose running shoe that could quickly become your go-to shoe for a range of activities.

Mizuno describe their latest Wave Inspire shoes as the “the most wearable Inspire ever”. Let’s take a quick look at the key updates to and features of the Wave Inspire 15 and why we think you’ll particularly like the 15th edition of this premium support shoe from Mizuno!

Wave Inspire 15 Upper

Two-layer Engineered Stretch Mesh

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 features a new two-layer engineered stretch mesh that provides you with a softer and more comfortable fit across the forefoot and mid-foot, compared with previous Wave Inspire models. The new mesh upper on the Wave Inspire 15 not only enhances this Mizuno shoe’s looks – it looks far more sleek and modern than previous versions – it also increases its breatheability and ever so slightly reduces the weight of the upper.

Men's Mizuno Wave Inspire 15

Hot melt upper/eyelet stay overlay

Another new upper feature appearing in the new Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 is the hot melt overlay around the lace eyelet section, giving these new Wave Inspire shoes a sense of support and a cleaner overall look. The phrase Wave Inspire 15 has been included across this new hot melt stay near the mid-foot, giving it a fast look.

Wave Inspire 15 Mid-sole

A new U4icX stobel lasting board (a thin sheet glued onto the mid-sole) has been inserted into the mid-sole for increased overall comfort and a better first feel.

U4ic mid-sole and U4icX heel wedge

The men’s Wave Inspire 15 has a comfy, soft cushioned, dynamic ride with a U4icX mid-sole that Mizuno describe as:

"A unique mid-sole compound that rises and cushions like ap+ mid-sole, but is lighter without any loss of comfort or performance."

This super comfortable Inspire 15 U4ic mid-sole, combined with a U4icX heel wedge, a new mid-sole compound, delivers a responsive, cushioned ride.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 Mens Overview

Mizuno Fan Wave Plate

Mizuno’s Fan Wave Plate can be found within the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15’s mid-sole. Other than the run bird, the Mizuno wave plate is probably one of the most recognisable, characteristic elements of Mizuno running shoes. The men’s Inspire 15 includes the ‘Fan’ variety of Mizuno’s famous wave plate technology, delivering runners of the Inspire 15 a mid-sole Wave plate with varying wave heights to deliver outstanding stability and cushioning.

Mizuno describe the support-specific properties of the Mizuno Fan Wave Plate:

"The higher wave plate on the medial side (inside) minimises over-pronation on the ankle, providing excellent support. The lower wave plate on the lateral side helps to disperse the force on impact, providing excellent cushioning."

In recent years Mizuno have given the wave plate tech in the mid-sole a pop of highlight colour to show off the fan shape and we think this colour treatment makes the shoe look sleeker and faster.

Overall, the cushioning and stability of the mid-sole of the Inspire 15’s make this shoe pure joy to run in from the very first time you put your foot in, lace them up and head out!

Wave Inspire 15 Outsole

"If it aint broke, don’t fix it" – this is the motto Mizuno seem to have adopted for the Wave Inspire 15 as it hasn’t changed much at all from its predecessor. The out-sole includes Mizuno’s SmoothRide technology – an engineered approach to minimising the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, as well as Mizuno’s X10, a carbon rubber that is highly durable in high impact, high wear areas such as the heel. X10 from Mizuno also provides better grip across the heel strike-zone.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 Outsole

Overall look and feel

Weighing in at 295g for men and 250g for women, this 12mm drop support shoe from Mizuno is far from cumbersome or bulky – it feels light yet sturdy and for a stability shoe feels cushy and responsive. We love the Inspire 15’s new engineered mesh upper and it’s softer fit and the new hot melt upper overlay with the model name and number printed diagonally across the shoe gives the shoe a sleek and speedy look.


If you’re an over-pronator and require the medial support that the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 offers but you don’t want to compromise on cushioning or responsiveness, we think you’ll love what the Mizuno Inspire 15 men’s shoe has to offer you! From kilometer number 1 to well beyond 500 kilometers, you’ll enjoy pounding the pavement in these men’s Mizuno shoes, whether you’re running a mid-week recovery run or plodding out a 30km+ Sunday long run.

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Happy running!