4 Mar 2015

NRL 2015 Training Gear

Your shoulders are shattered and the parts of your legs that are not dead from crunching tackles and hitting the bags are tight and achy. But oh’ the dreaded chaffing, that’s the worst! We’ve all been there men; your old shorts don’t provide the comfort in the necessary places. You waddle back to the changing rooms after a grueling practice of torture, looking like a maimed penguin. Few things in life are more desirable than the warm, steamy shower you picture in your head but on arrival to the small cramped changing rooms with fifteen other brutes you realize how removed your picture of the shower was. The good news? – Whether you’re mowing lawns, at work, in the gym or on the beach, you can throw out your old cotton shorts! Why put yourself through the pain?

Airtex technology in the new ISC training gear means you can be running into the changing rooms like Chris Hemsworth. Okay, maybe not Hemsworth, however the Airtex technology, Coolweave, light weight material, Fit-dry heather technology and Torsion fabrics in the ISC training attire and hoody/wet weather range does mean you’ll be more comfortable, cooler and less smelly!

In the training tees and training singlets, you can chose from a wide range of your favourite NRL teams with Airtex Technology. You might be thinking; what the hell is Airtex technology? Well, it is a type of mesh created within the fabric that helps push moisture away from the body. By doing so it lets air pass through the fabric keeping you cool and comfortable.

In the training shorts, Coolweave technology is used for light weight shorts that provide flexibility, and good air flow for all the essential parts. They also provide reinforced side splits, so don’t worry about hitting the gym on leg day, these shorts won’t break! Finally they feature a draw string for the wingers and pockets along the seam for convenience.

The NRL Elite Training Top incorporates, Fit-Dry Heather Material in order to keep moisture away from the body and a series of different styles, again in your individual favourite teams.

My favourite, the ISC performance tech hoody is perfect for either casual or training wear. It’s warm comfortable and is of the highest quality of Torsion fabric. You can chose from hidden or open hand pockets and it provides strengthened poly-ribbed bands at the hem and cuffs to stop stretching from occurring.

The fleece hood is developed more for casual wear so that you can rep what matters to you in style and the wet weather jacket means you can rep it come rain or shine. All merchandise has sport screen-printed logos for maximum comfort and no chaffing. So what are you waiting for? Dump the old, rancid kit and get yourself sorted.

We can’t guarantee a better shower experience after the club matches but we’ll stand by these new ISC products!

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