1 May 2015

Rumble Roller The Best Foam Roller Ever

The Spit to Manly walk is one of the most iconic ocean views in the world and provides thousands of tourists each year a wonderful experience with spectacular views and a taste of the active Sydney lifestyle. The other day I did this walk in a pair of thongs and let me tell you, seven miles in a pair of thongs was not the best idea! Everyone gets sore post-physical activity, whether you’re preparing for an ironman, playing a sport professionally, running at the gym, or in my case, on a walk in thongs! That hamstring strain that rides all the way into your buttocks is awful!

There are, however, ways and means to get rid of the pain and one of the best ways is with a foam roller. If you need the ultimate foam roller to remove the deepest of pains, the Rumble Roller is THE foam roller!

Apart from having an extremely bad ass name, the Rumble Roller helps relieve body pain by loosening up the built up lactic acid in your muscles, easing the pain we experience after workouts.

To use the Rumble Roller you simply roll the body part that you are working on along the Rumble Roller, to gently ease the pain. Long distance runners often develop ITB syndrome and one of the ways of relieving and reducing the ITB pain from running is foam rolling the side of your legs.

With its unique sawtooth design, the Rumble Roller gets into those hard to reach pain areas better than a conventional smooth surfaced foam roller.

The Rumble Roller is available in both the Rumble Roller Original firmness and the Rumble Roller Extra Firm and both of these products are available in a short and long version, being 12.5cm x 30cm and 15cm x 77.5cm respectively. The beauty about form rolling as an exercise is that it can be done almost anywhere, as the Rumble Rollers are easy to transport, so you can roll in your office at work, after a gym session at the gym, or when you get home.

So next time you experience muscle soreness or strain from your exercise regime, be it running long distances or working out at the gym, be sure to use one of the Rumble Roller available online here at onsport.com.au, you will love it!

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