17 Dec 2018

Saucony Kinvara 10 Review

Attracting a cult following over the years, the Saucony Kinvara has become THE Saucony running shoe that amateurs through to elite runners lace up in for speed sessions and race day! The Saucony Kinvara 10 is a legendary shoe that has been 10 years in the making – from the very first Progrid Kinvara through to the Kinvara 10 Limited Edition version today.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this colossal running shoe, Saucony have crafted a special limited edition design, with a release date of January 2019 in Australia. The Kinvara 10 Limited Edition price is A$190 (Australia). The new Kinvara 10 Limited Edition for men and women draws its design inspiration from elements of the original iconic shoe and incorporates them into a modern, stylish Kinvara 10 design which, when paired with the latest in Saucony running shoe tech, makes this the go-to responsive, cushioned/neutral running shoe of 2019.

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Let’s take a brief look at the origin of the Kinvara and then we’ll jump into the design and technical updates that make this the greatest version of the Kinvara that Saucony has ever produced.

Saucony Kinvara 10 Australia

Kinvara Origin

The origins of the Kinvara running shoe date back to 2010 when the Progrid Kinvara was first introduced into the Saucony cushioned/neutral running shoe line up. Back in 2010 the consumer product design brief was as follows:

This is a an efficient runner looking for a shoe they can train in or race in, but feel fast either way. They want a plush ride, but not feel bulky. Think sleek racing upper meets training midsole.

When the Progrid Kinvara was first launched in 2010 it quickly became one of the hottest shoes of 2010, along with the Nike Free Run+. Over the years since launch, Saucony have stuck closely to the product brief for the first Kinvara, keeping it a lightweight, neutral running shoe that feels fast but not bulky. The gurus at Saucony have continued to refine and upgrade the Kinvara as shoe tech advanced significantly over the years, to arrive at the modern, sleek and lightweight running shoe that is the magnificent Kinvara 10 Limited Edition shoe! In terms of technical/design updates from it’s predecessor, the Saucony Kinvara 9, the Kinvara 10 Limited Edition takes this popular shoe forward in leaps and bounds.

Kinvara 10 Overview

  • Shoe type: Netural
  • Pronation: Normal (neutral)
  • Foot arch: Normal (mid)
  • Heel-to-toe offset (drop): 4mm (23mm heel to 19mm toe)
  • Recommended running surface: Road, Track
  • Recommended for: Speed training sessions, race day
  • Weight: Men’s: 221g, Women’s: 190g
  • Release date: January 2019
  • Australian Price: A$190

Saucony Kinvara 2019

Kinvara 10 Updates

As mentioned, the Kinvara 10, as the successor to the Kinvara 9, has received a number of design improvements, for both performance and the look and feel. Let’s walk through the updates to the Saucony Kinvara between its 9th and 10th form.

Kinvara 10 Upper

The Kinvara 10 now features a double-jacquard knit mesh created by two knits being woven together for increased pattern strength and durability. This update to the mesh upper from an engineered mesh gives the upper a more attractive knitted appearance, makes it lighter than single-knit engineered mesh and gives it more mechanical stretch than single-knit upper construction. The double-jacquard knit mesh makes these incremental improvements whilst maintaining excellent breathability across the forefoot and mid-foot.

Kinvara 10 Limited Edition

3D print overlays have been included to add to the structure and design aesthetic, along with new heel badging that is a throwback to the original Kinvara heel design. We love the look and feel of the new Kinvara upper with its nod to the past and its original design.

Looking inside the new Kinvara 10 Limited Edition along the sides near the heel Saucony have added what Saucony call ‘heel pods’ to keep the foot snug and secure on the sides of the heels. Featured in a bright yellow/green colour, this design is also a throwback to the original Kinvara, providing a pop of colour on the inside, as well as adding to runner comfort with a better fit.

Kinvara 10 Midsole

Perhaps the most significant update to the Saucony Kinvara shoe between the Kinvara 9 and the Kinvara 10 Limited Edition, is the introduction of Saucony’s Formfit system. The FormFit system was introduced by Saucony in certain models in their Summer 2018 collection, however, Formfit has been so well received by runners that it is now incorporated into all Spring 2019 updates, including the Kinvara 10 Limited Edition.

Kinvara 10 White

Saucony Formfit is a performance contoured footbed system that provides you with a super comfortable, custom-fit that is unique to you and the way you run in the Kinvara 10:

  1. The top layer of the shoe is a soft sockliner that conforms to your shape, creating a customised contact surface along your entire foot;
  2. The middle layer is now Saucony’s EVA+ with EVERUN topsole – a duarable layer that adapts to your foot’s unique pressure pattern and smooths your forward roll;
  3. The lower layer is the midsole, contoured to cradle and support your natural foot share while absorbing impact and giving you the right spring in your stride.

Kinvara 10 Outsole

The outsole now incorporates EVA+, a high abrasion (hard-wearing/long lasting) foam that is a lighter alternative to rubber in the outsole construction. In addition to the introduction of EVA+ to make the outsole stand up to the long distances of training, Saucony have added an exposed EVA+ tuning fork guidance path, giving the outsole an ideal amount of flexibility for a neutral runner.

Kinvara 10

Lastly the outsole has been updated with XT-900 – a premium carbon rubber outsole material that offers exceptional traction and high-wear properties, to the high wear areas on the Kinvara 10 Limited Edition, allowing you to get more training and racing kilometres out of the new Kinvara.

Weighing in at just 221g for men and 192g for women, the new Kinvara 10 maintains its superior lightweight fit and FAST feeling!


With a range of key updates across the Kinvara design, Saucony have done an excellent job in making the 10th anniversary limited edition Kinvara 10 a truly special shoe, worthy of the anniversary title and an absolute winner of a running shoe for efficient runners who are looking for a plush ride without feeling bulky, per the design brief for the original Kinvara.

With a host of updates from it’s predecessor, most notably, the double-jacquard knit mesh upper with 3D overlays making the upper lighter, stretchier and super stylish, the introduction of the Saucony FormFit system through the midsole as well as EVA+ with EVERUN top-sole, together with the outsole updates aimed at increasing durability, it’s safe to say the Saucony Kinvara 10 Limited Edition takes the Kinvara name forward and continues the Kinvara legacy.

If you’ve run in any of the Kinvara shoes before or you’re considering running in the Kinvara for the first time, we think you’ll LOVE how you feel and perform in this fantastic 10th anniversary edition of the Kinvara by Saucony.

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Happy running!

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