15 Jan 2015

Saucony Triumph 11 Review - Does The Shoe Fit You?

Is the Triumph 11 from Saucony your perfect running shoe? Read more to find out...

The Saucony Triumph 11 running shoe may look snazzy, but what does it offer by way of comfort and support? A lot of people buy shoes based on looks and not what they really NEED for their particular foot type/biomechanics. Let's face it, every person is built differently and it's important these differences are acknowledged, especially when shopping for athletic or running shoes. Whether people have high arches, plantar fasciitis, or any other type of foot anomaly, it is obvious that we are all built differently.

It is important to buy the right type of shoe that will be the right fit for you. In a series of blog posts across 2015, we'll explain the various types of shoes that onsport.com.au offers, so that you can find the shoe that fits for your foot and is right for the type of exercise you are engaging in (hopefully on a regular basis!). This week we take a look at the Saucony Triumph 11.

The Triumph 11 by Saucony is available in many different colours, for both men and women. The cushioning offered by the Triumph 11 is far superior to most shoes on the market, thanks to Saucony's in-built POWERGRID. This cushioning reduces the impact running and other physical exercise has on the muscles, bones and joints, making the Triumph 11 less strenuous on your body than previous models and the average shoe in the market today. Providing extra layers of cushioning gives the Triumph 11 a more comfortable feel.

The arch support that the Triumph 11 offers is a high to mid arch, which is typical in a mainstream modern running shoe. The shoes is designed for neutral pronation. Pronation refers to the inward rotation of the ankle upon impact and running shoes are designed with varying levels of support to target a wide range of foot rolling, from neutral to over-pronation (rolling inwards) to supination (rolling outwards).

The Triumph 11 has been designed for neutral pronation making it a shoe with broad appeal. The upper section of the shoe is made of a lightweight, mesh-like material and includes the ComfortLite sockliner for comfort and toe reflectors for visibility when running at night. The lightweight construction of the Triumph 11 (weighing in at 306 grams for the men's model) allows you to move unencumbered, whilst allowing your foot to breathe.

The Triumph 11 is a shoe that is made for weekend warriors and regular athletes alike who run indoors and out regularly, hit the gym, walk, traina and run errands. Overall we love the Saucony Triumph 11 - these are Matt's (Director) favourite running shoes from Saucony and his go to pair of training shoes! View all Saucony Running Shoes on onsport.com.au or learn more about Saucony the brand.