8 Jul 2015

10 Reasons Shopping Online Is Better Than Shopping In A Store

Saves time and effort

We have all been in a rush while shopping and got caught in the dreaded lines. There is nothing worse than waiting in a long line when you are trying to make a purchase. With online shopping you avoid these completely. Not only do you avoid the line, you also dodge getting stuck in traffic, trying to find a parking spot, and endless searching through racks of items you want nothing to do with.

Shop at your convenience

This may be the best part of online shopping. You can do it absolutely anywhere, with the internet, at anytime! It’s great; can’t sleep at 1am, use that time to buy a new pair of running shoes. Having a slow day at the office? Why not order that team jersey for the game next week. With our lives getting busier, online shopping makes things much simpler.

So many options and you can narrow it down

When looking online every brand, style, size, and colour is right at your fingertips! This could never happen when shopping in a physical retail store. When shopping online, not only do you have access to anything you could ever want and more, you also have the option to customize your shopping experience using the search bar and a click of your mouse. You can go from all athletic apparel down to women’s running shorts, size 10, all black and a specific brand. It saves a lot of time and helps you find exactly what you are looking for.

Avoid compulsive purchases

We have all done this. When you are standing in the checkout line and see that pack of gum, you think why not and add it to the items that are in your hand to purchase at the checkout. The problem is that you never intended to buy this in the first place and often you impulsively buy things you don’t need because you’re bored in the queue! Shopping online saves you money simply by avoiding these compulsive purchases (most of the time).

Reviews and Comparisons

An extra nice feature with online shopping is the ability to read reviews and look at comparable products. Who would you trust more, the person trying to sell you a product, or your peers who have already made the purchase and want to tell you what they think? Reading these online reviews can help you make the right purchase for the right price.

Track your spending

Shopping online is an easy way to keep track of how much money you are actually spending. With online stores, like our very own, providing free shipping and the shopping cart keeping track of a total, it is easy to see where your money is going.

Sending Gifts

Holiday shopping is always a nightmare with the large crowds, low inventory and so many more problems. Buying online helps you avoid all of the stress and better yet you can ship it right to the gift receiver! It’s a great way to surprise someone on their birthday and makes it easy if you are too far to see them on their special day.

Stay connected

Online shopping makes it easy to share links with friends and family to get their opinions. You can also stay up to date on the latest trends, top picks, and best sellers.

Online deals

There are always discount codes and online promotions that you often cannot get in physical stores. Not to mention the online offers that are exclusive to online shoppers. Some places even send free samples along with your purchases.

You can procrastinate

The online shopping cart is a true beauty. You can store things in this place for weeks! Whether you get easily side tracked or just can’t seem to commit this feature is a blessing.