10 Jun 2015

Creating The Perfect Gym To Street Look

With our lives getting busier it’s hard to find time to go to the gym between class, work, and all other responsibilities. No need to worry, the new trend of sports fashion and activewear just saved everyone heaps of time and effort. Now when you are starting your day only one outfit is required! You can go from the gym to the streets without looking out of place. Have you heard the phrase “look good, feel good, do good”, well it’s a good one to live by.

There have been many psychology tests that prove an outfit can increase performance. Think about this, you can have a better workout simply by dressing the part! Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself you might be surprised. Part of it goes back to confidence, if you are confident in the way you look and what you are wearing you are  unstoppable! So, let’s figure out how to get those confidence boosting outfits to help you succeed in the numerous areas of your life. All you need is a few key items and you will be set for just about any situation.

Let’s Start At The Bottom

First you need a good shoe, the options are endless but it is best to stick with your favourite running shoe. These will keep you comfortable all day and are a go to for the gym. The great thing about this is running shoes come in all styles and colours. If you’re not too fond of the running shoes, just throw them in your gym bag and take on the streets in some sandals. Feeling extra bold, pair the look with your favourite heels. This is sure to turn some heads.

Next Is The Easiest Part, The Pants

As you could guess the leading choice is tights. In the gym these are one of the best options; they work for yoga, cardio, lifting, just about everything besides swimming in the pool! They keep your muscles warm and ready to be stretch and worked. Also you avoid skin contact with the gym equipment. The greatest part, it is a seamless transition to the streets. You can’t go wrong, go for the classic all black tights, or play it up with the limitless choices. There has to be over a million different colours and patterns you can choose from and these work for all ages.

As for Tops Choosing a Simple Loose Tank is your Best Option

If you are going to do a colourful shoe or bold tights, staying simple with the top will help balance the outfit. Also, with sports bra designs getting more creative this is a tasteful way to show them off.  If you are going to yoga or something with a lot of upside down movement, just slip a simple knot in the tank and you are good to go for any position you might be in – no need to worry about the shirt slipping up.  As you head out onto the streets just throw on a jacket. If you need to be a little more dressed up, a blazer or leather jacket should do the trick! If you are going for a casual look, a simple pullover or sweater will work. If it’s warm enough out, just keep wearing the tank top. Since it’s loose, you don’t have to worry about it getting all sweaty and you can either keep the knot or let it out.

Once You Have The Clothes Down You Can Move Onto The Accessories

Although this is a very simple step, it is key to making your look complete, so pay attention! There are a few ways you can go about accessorizing when trying to get the perfect gym to street look. A few key items are your sunglasses; never walk out the door without your favourite pair of sunnies! They can hide those tired eyes and any makeup smudges from the intense morning workout. A water bottle, yes a water bottle is an accessory. It is important to stay hydrated throughout your busy day, keeping a water bottle on hand will help you do just that. An extra plus, its better for the environment to have a reusable water bottle. Water bottles, like all other workout equipment, come in many shapes, sizes and colours, so take your pick!

Now, if you need to dress these looks up, just add a necklace, a watch, and some rings and you are ready for the work place.  Try to stick to simple silvers and golds when choosing the jewelry.  Going from the gym to the street, you might need to carry a few things, it is important to find a good bag. You might look a little out of place going to the gym with a very expensive looking bag, while you might look odd walking around the street with your big gym bag. So grab something that is a little in between. The size of the bag just depends on what you need to carry – for me I like it big enough to hold my wallet, keys, water bottle, headphones, maybe even my gym shoes. It’s good to keep the bag a neutral colour such as black, white, brown, navy, grey, or beige. This will ensure it matches any outfit you might come up with.

Last Advice

Above all else look for things that make you feel confident and comfortable. In the end you are the one wearing the clothes. If you feel good in them, that’s what will show on the outside. You will exude an air of confidence. So get out there in your best gym outfits and conquer the world!
 Comment with your favorite gym to street looks below!