11 Nov 2018

Inflatable Pool Toys Top 10 of 2018


There are few things in life better than a cold drink at the beach or in the pool on a hot summer’s day! If you’re looking for a way to elevate this experience, you’ll want to check out our curated range of inflatable pool and beach toys! Inflatable pool and beach toys are available in all shapes and sizes, from a wide number of brands of varying quality. To clear up some of the confusion and by doing so, take some of the decision-making burden off you, we’ve put together our list of the best inflatable pool and beach toys in Australia.

Sunnylife Ride On Float Unicorn

THE hottest inflatable pool toy this summer, is undoubtedly the Sunnylife Ride On Float Unicorn. As the name suggests, this inflatable pool toy is a giant inflatable unicorn - FUN! All you need to add are the cocktails… Lie down and float around in the sun in your swimmers this summer and sip wine without a care in the world on this luxurious, oversized unicorn pool and beach toy.

Sunnylife Inflatable Pool Unicorn

If you’re up for a little competition with your bestie or beau, the handles at the front of this floating unicorn allow you to hold on while you use your legs and arms to race across the pool or ocean! Complete with gorgeous golden wings and golden horn and a rainbow-coloured mane and tail, this unicorn looks the part! Designed in Sydney, Australia and made from premium materials, you’ll be the envy of everyone at the beach with this Ride on Float Unicorn from Sunnylife.

Shop the Sunnylife Ride On Float Unicorn now.

Sunnylife Lie on Float Cactus

We normally wouldn’t advise lying down on a cactus (as they can be prickly little things) but with the Sunnylife Lie on Float Cactus we have to make an exception! This super cool inflatable pool toy will make our top 20 gifts for summer.

Sunnylife Inflatable Pool Float Cactus

Crafted in the shape of a cactus (as the name suggests) and made from thick PVC and long and wide enough for most guys and girls at 174cm long by 136cm wide, this premium pool toy is a great addition to your pool.

The lie on float cactus from Sunnylife includes a puncture repair kit in case of an accident. Usable in both your pool and at the beach, your days will float away on this Sunnylife inflatable!

Shop the Sunnylife Lie on Float Cactus now.

Sunnfylife Inflatable Lounge Chair

Take a load off this Christmas and holiday season and kick back in this funky inflatable lounge chair by Sunnylife! Grab a beer and a magazine or flick on the cricket and chillax on the deck by the pool, soaking up the warm rays in this comfy, relaxing, Sunnylife inflatable lounge chair. Designed with a perfect built in recline angle that allows you to either sleep the summer days away in the sun, sit back and read a magazine or watch the kids in the pool while you enjoy a few vinos.

Sunnylife Inflatable Pool Lounge Chair

Featuring thick non-toxic (always handy) PVC that is hard-wearing, a patch kit in case you have a blow out (puncture) and a quick-release valve for quick inflation and deflation, this chair is as useful as it is good-lookin! Jump on board the Sunnylife Inflatable Lounge Chair train and feel a year’s worth of stress just melt away into the sunset…

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Sunnylife Inflatable Ring Toss Game Unicorn

Winning is the name of the game with the awesome unicorn-shaped Inflatable Ring Toss Game from Sunnylife! The game is pretty simple but provides hours of fun, especially if you are competitive. Grab your friends, form two teams and toss the rings at the unicorn’s horn. Land the ring on the horn to score the points printed on the ring. Each ring has a points value of either 10, 20 or 30. The floating unicorns also have differing points values.

Sunnylife Inflatable Pool Unicorn Ring Toss

Designed in Australia, this premium pool accessory is manufactured from thick, non-toxic PVC and includes a puncture repair kit for those of you who have one of those sore loser friends and the unicorn gets tossed over the neighbour’s fence and lands in their rose garden… (you know who we are talking about!).

Small and big (adults) kids will have a ball with this fun summer inflatable pool game. Warning: this game is highly addictive after a few drinks and a little sun! Please drink and toss responsibly.

Shop the Sunnylife Inflatable Ring Toss Game Unicorn now.

Sunnylife Kids Pool Crabby

Have a crabby toddler on your hands? The Sunnylife Kids Pool Crabby could be your antidote for the toddler tantrum! Blow her up (the pool, not the toddler – an important distinction!) and watch little crabby come to life. Then simply grab the garden hose and a wine glass and fill the former up with water, the latter up with a Sav B or Pinot from NZ, grab your phone or a magazine and hey presto, you have a pool party (well sort of…) and hours of entertainment for you and your little one!

Sunnylife Inflatable Pool Kids Crab

Your little people will go nuts for the lovable crabby pool from Sunnylife – it’s a cute addition to any backyard, front yard or even the beach. At a little over a metre wide and about a metre tall, this kids inflatable pool is perfect for toddlers 3 years and over. Don’t forget their hat or the sunscreen as they’ll want to play for hours – just don’t fall asleep in the sun mum or dad!

Shop the Sunnylife Kids Pool Crabby now.

Sunnylife Kiddy Float Rose Gold Flamingo

Guaranteed to be a hit with the younger kids this Christmas, the Sunnylife Kiddy Float Flamingo in Rose Gold is one of our top tips for parents looking for presents this Xmas! This Sunnylife inflatable pool and beach toy is a modern spin on the old school ring floaty for kids.

Sunnylife Inflatable Pool Flamingo Kids Float

Suitable for younger kids aged 3-6 years, this flamingo-shaped pool float features a split in the middle at the back of the bird, allowing for each access when putting on or taking off the float. Manufactured from a premium, thick PVC and includes a puncture repair kit for little oopsies that may occur from time to time. 60cm in diameter (width). Your little one will love this little flamingo floatie! Pick one up today for either the pool or the beach.

Shop the Sunnylife Kiddy Float Rose Gold Flamingo now.

Wahu Koala Racer Pool Inflatable

If you’re old enough to remember the old school banana inflatable pool racers, you’ll remember just how much fun it was to race a friend down to the other end of the pool! The inflatable bananas may have faded along with the 80’s/90’s but, don’t despair, you can still have the same fun with a couple of Wahu Koala Racer Pool Inflatables! Could they get more Aussie?! The short answer is “no”!

Wahu Inflatable Pool Koala Racer

Shaped like a koala (you need to use your imagination a little TBH), these ride on pool racers from Wahu make for fun days in the pool with the kids. At $17.95 each, these Wahu inflatable pool toys make for some pretty cheap fun. When fully inflated the Koala Racers are popular with primary school and early-mid high school aged kids.

Shop the Wahu Koala Racer Pool Inflatable now.

Wahu Glo Beach Ball

Give fun a glo this summer with the very cool Wahu Glo Beach Ball! This Wahu inflatable pool ball puts a modern twist on the old school beach ball that we’ve come to know and love be it at the beach, the cricket ground and the pool. This inflatable beach ball is filled with water-proof led lights and a battery casing is housed inside the ball.

Wahu Inflatable Pool Glo Beach Ball

Light up your pool or back garden with this unique beach ball that kids and adults will love when the evening light fades. This beach ball is perfect for an evening pool party or evening swimming fun. The Wahu Glo Beach Ball is one of many new cool illuminated pool inflatables from Wahu. Shop all Wahu products online.

Shop the Wahu Glo Beach Ball now.

Wahu Glo Pool Lounger

Bring a whole new level of fun to hot summer nights with the Wahu Glo Pool Lounger! These funky inflatable pool loungers are designed for a late night dip or a evening pool party. When the lights go down the lounge lights up and creates a unique look in your pool. Adults, teens and kids will all enjoy the glo from this relaxing lounger.

Wahu Inflatable Pool Lounger Glo

The team at Wahu have really thought this product through – the Glo Pool Lounger is complete with head and arm rests, a very handy drink holder (you’ll use it more than you think) and an oval shape at the end to dangle your legs through. If you’re hosting a party at your house this summer and you have a pool, why not have a pool party? This pool lounger also makes for a great Christmas present for your partner or your kids.

Shop the Wahu Glo Pool Lounger now.

Wahu Nippas Pool and Canopy

A very popular product for Christmas and summer, the Wahu Nippas Pool and Canopy is an inflatable pool for babies and toddlers. Featuring a partly inflatable roof for some coverage from the sun, this toddler inflatable pool is available in blue and white.

Wahu Inflatable Pool Nippas

Your little one will love splashing and gaining confidence in the water in this inflatable pool for kids from Wahu. This Nippas Pool and Canopy is 1.1 metres in diameter (wide) and 25cm deep, a great size for a small human to play around in. Priced to clear, pick up a Wahu Nippas Pool and Canopy today before they sell out!

Shop the Wahu Nippas Pool and Canopy now.


That rounds out our list of the best inflatable pool and beach toys and games this 2018/19 summer! We hope you enjoyed this summary and that you’re now better prepared to add a little more inflatable fun to your summer!

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