1 Mar 2016

10 Unique Ways to Make Working Out Fun

Some of us workout as a hobby. For those like me we workout because we have the mindset of, “I want to eat whatever I want and stay thin” which we all know can't happen. Therefore working out is the only way to maintain that dream of eating pizza for all three meals a day. Either way, we all have those days where we find working out to be at the bottom of our list. If you struggle to get yourself into the gym and find yourself making up excuses of why you don’t need to go, look into these 10 unique ways to make your workout fun and have you craving the gym to get your active ON.

Make a Killer Playlist

An article posted by the Telegraph online states that scientists have said syncing your body movements with the music creates a more intense workout, and has added benefits. What gets you in a good mood better than your favorite jams? The answer is nothing. Well, at least for me. When you hear your favorite song you want to dance, use your music to get you working and moving. Making yourself a playlist that will get you pumped up helps to motivate you and gets you in the mood for a great workout. Head over to Fitness Magazine for a list of the top 100 workout songs, to enable a positive attitude about getting your best workout yet!

Workout With Friends 

As with most things in life, being with others makes everything immensely enjoyable. So why not workout with your best pal? Head over to Men’s Fitness to find out exactly why working out with a partner is one of the best ideas you can have when it comes to working out. When working out alone, it becomes easy to give up or skip over the hard stuff. When I workout alone I often find myself wanting to stop or cut down the amount of reps and miles. Stay on track by holding yourself accountable with others. Set dates and times for your next workout party and rely on each other for an hour. When you have more than one person doing a workout with you, you will find yourselves using each other for motivation. If you want to stop, and you see them still going it will encourage you to keep up with them. If they can do it you can do it. Working out with friends also gives you some bonding time. 

Envision Yourself Succeeding

Thinking about heading to the gym after a long day of work or a morning after a night out can seem dreadful and even make you cringe. To circumvent attempting to avoid your workout, try going into the workout with a positive attitude and think about why you are doing it. Think about what you will feel like after the workout and how rewarding it will feel knowing you accomplished something. Remind yourself that even if working out is a battle against yourself, the benefits will outweigh your adverse thoughts. Setting short term and long term goals will help you strive for a successful you and will influence motivation for working out. Another fun way to do this is to take pictures of your progress; this will sanction you to see that results are happening and permit realization that it is all worth it.

Reward Yourself

It is almost impossible to ignore those guilty pleasures we all have. Tell yourself that working out gives you allowance to have the things we all know we shouldn’t. What better way to motivate yourself than saying you deserve pizza? If you go hard in the gym, having those guilty pleasures will feel slightly less guilty. However, don’t go overboard and eat poorly after each workout, much of staying fit comes from your diet. Another way to reward yourself is to take a day off. Workout hard and reap the rewards by taking a day off for rest and relaxation. Not only will this feel gratifying but your body also needs a break and resting for a “you” day is the best way to feel happy about the work you are putting into it. Rewarding yourself will feel good and remind you that working out is worth it and days off will be even more appreciated.

Take Fun Classes 

Go to your local gym and try out the group classes. Working out with enjoyable music, excellent workouts, and tons of other people with the same goals will create an environment that makes you want to workout all of the time. Not only will you be motivated to workout and have a good time, but it will also be a great way to make new friends with people who have similar aspirations. These classes will pull you in, allowing you to want to go workout.

Change Up the Environment

Research suggests that working out outdoors enhances your experience and enables a better workout. Taking in the sights and sounds of a new place around you is the perfect way to make your workout more pleasurable. Working out in the same, cramped gym can get old and unexciting. Switching up your environment can help make working out different every time. Go for a run in places you’ve never explored, find parks for a quick AB workout, and hit the beach for any type of workout with a good view. 

Document Your Progress

Start a blog or write a journal about your plans and progress. Write out a destination and get to it. Documenting your journey is an easy way for you to stay motivated and reliable. Discover Good Nutrition says that keeping a journal will allow you to be honest with yourself, telling yourself why you are and aren’t meeting your goals and what you can do to get there. You will want to keep going until you are satisfied; you will look back and read about your struggles and triumphs. These things will all help you as you keep moving forward, you will develop goals, and your workout progress will become an addiction. Read about other people’s journeys and share yours with them. 


Buy Fashionable Gym Apparel

Women I am talking to you. What better way to stay motivated than wanting to show off your best outfits? The saying goes “look good feel good” so spoil yourself with the best athletic attire to get you desiring the gym. If you look good you are more than likely going to have a killer workout because you will be feeling good. Browse through our women’s apparel and find brands like Lorna Jane and Running Bare to give you a jumpstart on being a fashionable, athletic you. Check out our Instagram account to see all of our favorite styles and perfect outfit guides from our favorite brands!

Train For Something

There are always millions of 5k races, half marathons, full marathons, and other events everywhere you turn. Get yourself excited about accomplishing something like this by motivating yourself to train. Start setting goals to reach before the day of the event and prepare yourself to succeed. Sign up for these events with friends and train together to make it a social event. When the event comes I guarantee you will love what you’ve accomplished and find yourself having an addiction to things like this. Check out Australian Running Calendar to see fun runs, marathons, and other events throughout all of Australia. 


Do it For YOU

Don’t workout because it’s what you think you should do. Workout because you want to, treat it like it is an addiction and it may become one. Do it because you will look and feel good. The benefits that come from working out will outweigh anything else. Allow yourself to enjoy what you are doing and let working out make you happy. There is no better way to get motivated than telling yourself you deserve it.