13 May 2015

50 Unique Ways To Stay Active

When you are working all day or stuck in class, getting to the gym can be difficult. There are so many sneaky ways to get more steps in, get your heart rate up and getting you active!

1. Skip the lift and take the stairs

2. Walk/bike instead of drive

3. Cook your own dinner instead of buying one

4. Go on a bushwalk

5. Play with your kids

6. Get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way

7. Walk your dog

8. Do house chores

9. Clean your office, dusting, windows everything

10. Go on a run

11. Do jumping jacks while waiting for water to boil

12. Play soccer

13. Walk to lunch

14. Park further away from destination

15. Dance

16. Go to the zoo

17. Walk around the mall

18. Go see the city on foot

19. Lift some weights

20. Wash your car

21. Join a cycling club

22. Swim some laps

23. Rock climb

24. Use a fitness ball instead of a chair at work

25. Go golfing, don’t use a golf cart

26. Go Surfing

27. Try Paddle boarding

28. Organize a neighborhood game night

29. Walk around when you’re on the phone

30. Join a race for the cure

31. Try a new sport

32. Do some gardening

33. Walk to get the mail

34. Take the bin out

35. Do sit-ups during TV commercials

36. Take a class at the gym

37. Make a family game night instead of going to the movies

38. Go bowling

39. Start each morning with a mini workout routine

40. Go ice skating

41. Do an active date night instead of dinner and a movie

42. Waiting for the shower to heat up? Do some squats

43. Volunteer in the community you will probably be moving around a lot

44. Stand while on the bus, it will engage your core to balance

45. Walk while you are on an escalator

46. When sitting, occasionally lift the feet from the floor, then hold - this works the abdominal muscles and the hip flexors (on the front of the thighs).

47. Grab coffee or meals for the office

48. Wash and dry dishes by hand

49. Stand up at work or school

50. Keep moving! Avoid being still for too long.