23 Nov 2015

Post-Pregnancy Workout Tips

Losing Baby Weight Top 10 Tips

CONGRATULATIONS! Your body has been beautifully changing for the last 9 months and I’m sure you’re ready to get back into shape! However, just like your body took 9 whole months to change, it’s important to expect that changing your body back after all that time won’t be an immediate fix. Your body is still experiencing some physical changes and it’s important when jumping back into the fitness routine that PATIENCE and SAFETY is key! Follow these steps, keep working hard, and see the amazing results ahead!

1. Still Pregnant? Act now! For those that are still carrying their baby boy or girl, steps can be taken now to help the process of getting back into shape. While rest and a healthy diet are two very important factors to a healthy pregnancy, it’s important to try and get up and walk around for a block or two. Getting fresh air and blood circulating are not only good for the baby but also good on your mental health! It’s no secret that you’ll be gaining weight during pregnancy, but don’t get discouraged. Start ACTIVELY WAITING! Get up and walk.

2. Take it slow! Within the first FOUR TO SIX MONTHS, all the workouts should be incredibly low impact. Before even moving to this step, allow your body to rest and heal for a minimum of 4 weeks. Your body is still healing! Low impact exercises recommended are walking, swimming, and standing lunges. Get enrolled in a post-natal exercise class or maybe even a low impact water aerobics class. The main objective within this time frame is to help your body get readjusted with the dramatic changes happening in this stage.

3. Strengthen your pelvic floor and lower abdominals muscles. Strengthening these two muscles is something you can do within the first few weeks after having your baby. Make sure the exercises are gentle. Throughout your pregnancy, your pelvic floor has been withstanding a lot of weight. The pelvic floor stretches from your pubic bone at the front of your body to the base of your spine at the back. It’s comprised of muscles, ligaments and sheet-like tissues that support the bladder, bowel, and uterus. And like your other muscles, it’s important to work this one out too. Working out your lower abdominal muscles is the most important exercise after having a baby. These muscles, along with the pelvic floor, help support your back and with having to carry around a baby all the time, that’s incredibly important! STAY AWAY FROM CRUNCHES. Instead, try this easy exercise below. - Sit on an exercise ball with both feet on the floor.- Once comfortable, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and your lower abdominal muscles and slowly lift one leg off of the floor.- DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE!- Hold the leg in the air for up to 5 seconds and gently lower the foot back onto the ground. Once both feet are planted again, relax your muslces.- Try this exercise on both legs 10 times.

4. Get your baby involved. This baby is the new center to your life. And he or she will also help you get back into shape! I’m sure you’ll be having your baby in your arms for hours at a time, use that time to your advantage! Using the weight of your baby, you can hold the baby tight against your chest and ease into some lunges! Of course, make sure to keep slow, fluid movements to help the baby ease into the exercise. Also, while walking the baby around the block, throw in some lunges behind the stroller! Time to workout is one of the hardest aspects of getting back into shape after having a baby, so be creative with time with you AND the baby!

5. Sleep is CRUCIAL! This point is more important than you think. Instead of trying to frantically fit in some workouts while the baby is sleeping, YOU SHOULD BE SLEEPING INSTEAD. I’m sure you’re restless and exhausted. Anytime where you can fit in a nap, you absolutely should. Why? Having a nonexistent or inconsistent sleep cycle can upset your metabolism, which as a result makes it harder to shed off the pregnancy weight. Furthermore, without sleep, it’ll be difficult to have enough energy to stay mentally alert and active throughout the day let alone try to attempt to be physically active as well!

6. Carry around a water bottle EVERYWHERE. Water, although easily overlooked, should be consumed periodically throughout the day. Not only will this help avoid dehydration, but also drinking enough water can help keep your metabolism at its peak. And when trying to loose weight, you want your metabolism working in your favor! Try to carry around a water bottle with you throughout your day or placing a glass of water next to your desk or nightstand. The amount of water consumed per day depends on weight, age, and height but at MINIMUM 2 litres of water should be consumed. How much water do you drink a day?

7. Monitor your eating habits. Now that you’re trying to lose the baby weight, it’s also time to lose to junk food and the mentality that you can eat anything because you’re pregnant. This may be difficult to all of a sudden change eating habits after 9 months of ‘free passes,’ but creating an outline and sticking to it will help shed off some weight. Start off with simple guidelines and expand from there. Some tips include:

  • Never skipping breakfast - Try to space create a routine with eating meals. Be consistent with the times you’re eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Stock up with snacks for in between big meals such as nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Try incorporating good sources of protein such as fish, beans, lean meat cuts. These foods lessen hunger!

8. Consistency with getting active. Everything changes after having a baby. New routines are getting in the way of old habits. With all this change happening, it’s important to keep up consistency in your fitness schedule. To see progress, consistency is key! Even if the routine is starting out with walking around the block every other day. If for some reason you can’t make it to the gym like you planned, try resorting to some stroller lunges! There’s always a workout that could be done inside of the house or outside on the sidewalk. Stay motivated! Once you get active, keeping up that routine gets easier every day – especially once you start seeing some progress.

9. A helpful tip we recommend is getting in contact with other Mothers! Not only would getting together with other mothers help the social interactions with your baby, but also it’s important to receive moral support for mom as well! Hearing the stories of other Mothers and tricks of the trade they’ve learned thus far can help you figure out your own routines. Also, in order to become physically fit, you must also be mentally fit. Seeking support from other women in similar circumstances can help motivate you to keep up all the great work you’ve already accomplished. Because, lets be honest, having a kid is an amazing accomplishment in itself. Your body is a wonderland!

10. Enjoy your baby! Of course, being a new mother can be stressful time. However, it’s also an exciting time! What is important to remember when you’re putting pressure on yourself to get back into shape is that you sacrificed your hot bod in order for your baby to be born! Appreciate what your body was able to do for you and repay it by taking care of it. What is most important though is enjoying your baby! Incorporating your newborn into your fitness routine can be a fun and new way to bond with your baby. And of course, give yourself a day off every now and then! We won’t tell anyone.