18 Jun 2018

Stay Fit Australia


As an American studying and working abroad in Sydney, Australia, I had several preconceived notions of what to expect when arriving. In my mind, Australia is similar to what I've seen in movies. Everyone is tan and beach-body ready, and surfing is the main way to get six pack abs. This image may seem stereotypical, however, I've quickly realized that some of this is true as it is clear Australia places a strong importance on health and fitness. Advertisements for gym memberships, workout plans, and the latest and greatest sports gear are rampant across the city. The following article will explore just how important fitness is to Australia and how to use high quality gear such as; fitness apparel, swimwear, running shoes, and much more to achieve the ultimate in workout status. 

How Invested is Australia? 

According to the Suncorp Bank Cost of Being Fit report, “Australians spend at least $8.5 billion a year on gym memberships, sports equipment and the latest fitness fads, equating to about $2340 per household.” This is a stunning figure as it clearly shows the large investment the average Australian is willing to put into maintaining an active lifestyle. This money is solely dedicated to a lifestyle that prioritizes fitness, making Australia a prominent contender in the race towards health and athleticism. The following list of products are highly rated and are perfect partners when it comes to the active life that Australians lead.  

Fitness Apparel 

Whether you are seeking support, comfort, moisture wicking, movement, or all of the above, knowing your options and the best choice for you is essential. Having the right fitness apparel can make or break a workout. No one wants to be soaked in sweat or unable to complete their box jumps as a result of restricting, faulty, and low quality athletic wear. Onsport.com.au has a wide array of fashionable and functional options to choose from. Carrying brands from Lorna Jane to Running Bare to Puma, Onsport has you covered. For example, the Lorna Jane Flashdance Pant are comfortable and fashionable. These pants are perfect for a life on the go and transition easily from gym to street. They also offer breathable material to keep your body cool and make your workouts last longer. Running Bare also offers numerous options that fit diverse workout requirements. The Running Bare High Rise 3/4 Tight is just as awesome as it sounds. These multi-functional tights allow for a large range of motion while also maintaining a cool look and breathable easiness. Finally, the Puma Core Run 7 Inch Shorts are the ultimate running side-kick. These shorts keep you warm while in motion and also takes care of those sweaty sprinting sessions that hinder even the best runners. As shown by the examples above, workouts can be improved with a little help from the right gear. 


Women's Health Magazine gets it right, “No other workout burns calories, boosts metabolism, and firms every muscle in your body (without putting stress on your joints) better than a swimming workout.” In Australia it is easy to utilize the wonderful benefits of swimming with a plethora of nice weather, cool pools, and amazing beaches to take advantage of. Make sure you look and act the part of a confident swimmer with the right Swimwear. Check Onsport for great deals and the best swimwear retailers have to offer. Its easy to see why Speedo has a great reputation by just glancing at some of their swimsuits for men, women, and children. For instance, the Speedo Womens Endurance Leaderback Black has all of the features that a serious or casual swimmer needs. This creatively designed piece offers support and total mobility, making the water your new best friend. Speedo Girls Endurance Medalist is another great option for young swimmers who want to make the most out of their swimming experience. Instill confidence and ability with this chlorine and fade resistant one piece. Clearly, the swimwear options listed above and many more are great and essential accessories for your next water adventure. 

Running shoes 

The right shoe is everything. Shoes complete an outfit and a workout. Feet are the ultimate team players, supporting your entire body, make sure you treat them the way they deserve to be treated with shoes that are designed to protect, comfort, decorate, and support your feet the right way. The Saucony Ride ISO Womens do all of the above. These running shoes are designed with everything in mind and offer a stylish solution to all of your feet woes. The same style and function appears in the New Balance 880v8 Mens. These awesome and athletic shoes are made specifically to support your core and add stability with extra durability. Don't get off on the wrong foot wearing the imperfect shoe for your running needs, find what your feet crave at Onsport. 


In conclusion, Australia obviously prioritizes fitness and wellness and spends large amounts of money to procure their active lifestyle. This is a positive thing as an active lifestyle is the key to overall health and wellbeing. However, the money spent on things such as fitness apparel and accessories can be easily misplaced on products that offer empty promises and faulty results. Ensuring that your workouts are the best that they can be starts with the right gear. Not only will you look good and feel good, but your wallet will thank you as well. The road to success is worth investing in, make smart investments with the trusted brands and products provided by Onsport. Stay fit Australia!