14 Mar 2016

The Perfect Outdoor Exercises

Working out indoors can get old, boring, and immensely monotonous. If you find yourself dreading the stuffy, cramped, and busy gym head outdoors and get your active ON. There are so many different things you can try and do outdoors to make your workouts enjoyable yet beneficial. Working out outdoors can minimize the dreaded effort you have to put in at the gym. Working out outside can make it seem like you aren't even doing a workout. Follow along as we discuss our perfect outdoor exercises! 

Run on the Beach or Trail

We all know that in Australia there are countless beaches everywhere. What better place to run than somewhere with a view? The sand is also a perfect way to make running a little more beneficial, for those of you who have ran on the sand will understand it’s not so easy. I struggled probably worse than anyone. Although it can be tough, running on the sand paired with a road run is the perfect way to get in a good workout while sweating out double the amount of calories. If you choose this exercise make sure you are aware of how to keep yourself safe. Another great outdoor exercise is trail running, the perfect way to get some hill and different terrain level exercise in for some killer legs. Again, be cautious of your path and pay attention to where you are going to make sure you stay safe and uninjured.


Swimming is one of my personal favorites for getting in a refreshing, beneficial workout. Australia has an abundance of outdoor pools some free and some for a very low cost. Oh, and of course the ocean is always there. Whether it be treading water or mastering your breaststroke, being in the water is a workout in itself. You can build muscle and burn calories in the water if you swim for just a half hour. If you are new to swimming follow Fitness Magazine's best pool workouts for beginners. Those of you who are veteran swimmers can also read along as they list intermediate and advanced workouts as well. 

Step Ups Anywhere

Step-ups are one of my favorite tougher workouts. You can feel the exercise working while you do it and being somewhere fun while doing it is the icing on the cake. Run through the city, find steps to a beautiful Cathedral or a bench near a spectacular park. Find somewhere that takes your breath away, so you don’t even feel like it is a workout. For more workouts with a bench or stairs outdoors checkout Shape Fitness

Ride Bike

Riding bike is an underrated workout. Go for miles taking in all the scenery while getting your best workout. Go on a hot day to maximize the amount of calories you can burn and enhance your levels of vitamin D. Riding bike is also always a good way to get together with friends who also enjoy being active. Use biking as a mode of transportation, this way you are getting a workout and getting somewhere you need to go. Taking up cycling is another way for you to maximize your outdoor activity. If you become truly invested in riding, you can go for daylong rides that will create the absolute perfect workout and hobby.

Sports on the Beach

I can name a million. Some of my personal favorites include: sand volleyball, frisbee, footy, treading water, riding the waves, and running on the sand (already mentioned above). Almost every beach has volleyball courts, get a group together and play in the heat; you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it. Also, never forget that practice makes perfect. Frisbee and footy can be a great way to get sweaty on the beach while still enjoying yourself, you won’t even feel like you are working out. Treading water or riding the waves are only good options for swimmers with experience. Make sure to be aware of the conditions of the water before using these as exercises. As for running on the sand, see above for info on that! Doing any of these activities will permit you to burn calories and get the doses of vitamin D I mentioned early.


I am no boat connoisseur but I can tell you that this is both fantastic for getting a workout in and a great leisure activity or hobby. If you have access to this activity I highly recommend using it as a way to workout and get fit. If you do not have access to a boat then try some alternative rowing exercises you can do with an exercise band or kettle bell. 


Yoga is the perfect way to relax and build your strength. To make your yoga session more relaxing than it already is, head to the beach or a park in the city and try out some killer yoga moves. You can up your vitamin D while working on your strength and wellbeing. Do some research and find outdoor yoga classes and bring along some friends for a fun, refreshing yoga session. Sydneysiders, listen up! Head over to Concrete Playground for a list of some of Sydney's best outdoor yoga classes.


This activity is a great way to get toned and have fun while doing it. Paddle boarding is a perfect way to get you outside and in the water during the summer. You will become stronger and love the way the exercise works your body. Even though this exercise looks easy, it can be tricky to nail but once you get going your body will feel it and love it. Check out these exercises to advantage your prep for your first attempt on the paddleboard. If you feel like you've mastered the balancing act, look at the preceding paragraph and try yoga on a paddleboard.  

Run Hills

This sounds frightful. Trust me I know. However, running hills makes for a killer workout, because it can be a pretty hard workout most people try to avoid it. Running hills is outstanding for an interval workout that will make your workout fast and rewarding with immense benefits. For great exercises to help you improve your hill running check out Runners World

Walk or Run With Your Dog

We don’t need to explain too much here, because who wouldn’t want to do this type of workout? If you have a bigger dog that can handle heat and can keep up with you take them for a long run on your favorite route. If you have a dog that needs to burn off a little energy this is the best way for you both to workout and kill some of their restless nature. Walking your dog is another great way to get your workout in. Not only are you still burning calories, but you can also have some bonding time with your pup.


I think every Australian knows that there is no better outdoor activity than surfing. For the surfing pros you already know how great it feels to get in the water and hit the waves, and you are certainly aware of how great of a workout it can be. For those who haven't conquered surfing I highly recommend continuing to try. Although it can be tricky to master and it might take some practice to get good at it, you can still get a workout every time you are out there working on it. Paddling out there is a workout in itself, the more effort you put in the more of a workout you will create for yourself. Once you get up, your body continues to work and move and you will crave this exercise more than any other. 

Backyard Cricket

This exercise is perfect for when you have a few mates over or just want some fun competition. Round up some people who would enjoy some fun in the sun. Backyard cricket is the best way to have a blast with your mates and get your active ON while indulging in some sun and social time. Roar online gives you a list of laws for the game, so follow along and prepare for a workout with pure pleasure and enjoyment.