4 Jun 2015

Top Fitness Tips For Travellers

Fitness For The Traveler

It is one thing to get into a work out routine at home where everything is familiar and you have a standard daily routine. Once you start travelling everything gets thrown off, whether it’s a business trip, for schooling, or just for the sake of travel, it’s likely nothing will be routine. If you are going far there will be new time zone, new people, new places, nothing will be familiar. It is important to stay active, especially when there is so much change happening around you. Working out will help keep you healthy both physically, and mentally while you are travelling. It can be a little tricky at first but it will be worth it!

Pack What You Need

This first step happens before you leave, and it is probably the worst part about travelling, the packing. While you are packing your swimsuits, or business suits, be sure to include the work out gear! It sounds simple, and it is! You can’t really work out if you don’t have the proper clothing for it, so be sure to pack it along no matter how long the trip may be. If there are special supplements or protein powders that you take at home bring them with you, you don’t know if you will be able to buy them while you are traveling around.

Make It A Priority

If you have really long business day planned, or lots of sights to see it can be hard to find a good time to workout. But is it really that hard to find a spare hour in a day? It’s not if you plan ahead. Take a look at the travel itinerary and see when you have some extra time where you can fit a workout in. If you need to wake up an hour early or stay up a bit later, in the end it will help you feel healthier and less tired because you will get a better sleep at night.

Eat Healthy

This can be especially hard when in a new place. Just remember you cannot out train a bad diet. If you are only going to be gone for a few days pack some healthy snack such as nuts, protein bars, fruit, veggies. Anything that will keep you away from those tempting late night vending machines trips. If you know you will be eating out a lot try to look up the menu before you get there to pick out the healthiest options, or try to make substitution from a baked potato to steamed vegetables. If there’s no avoiding the unhealthy food for a day just know you will need to make up for it during your workout or by eating extra good the other days.

Trial A Gym

If you are a gym rat leaving home might give you some anxiety because it means leaving your gym. No worries there! Most hotels you stay in will have something, it may not be the best but it will give you that option. If you will be at a place for a bit longer, or aren’t staying in a hotel most local gyms will give you free trial periods! They range from a one-day trial all the way up to a month, so just ask around and you will find some close. If you know people in the area that attend the gym they are probably allowed to bring some guests.

See The New Place

If the gym isn’t an option for you it’s no excuse to skip your workout. If you are in a new place go for a run, you will get lost, but it will help you get acquainted while staying active. You will likely stumble upon things would you have missed if you took a car. You could also walk around instead of taking a cab or bus. Map it out before you go and if something isn’t considerably far walk there instead! You can always do workouts wherever you are staying. Even just doing some push ups, lungs, and core workout is better than nothing.

Just be aware if you are travelling with others they will likely poke fun at your insistence to eat healthy or go workout. You can just ignore it, or try to inspire some new workout buddies. It is always easier to say no to dessert if you have someone else doing it with you. Just set some goals for to reach by the end of your travels, especially if they are long term. You want to come back home and have people say, “wow you look great!” rather than “wow you look like you enjoyed the food there.”