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Now available Down Under in Australia, Swedish sportswear and fitness brand CRAFT apparel is the pioneer of functional fitness apparel for the active to elite athlete. Craft apparel specialise in running apparel and cycling apparel for athletes of all levels, especially the higher performance level athlete.

Craft Cycling Australia

Designing bike wear that really makes a difference calls for a close examination of the pedaling body. It is pivotal to understand the interaction of the shoulders and hips as well as to grasp how the back, shoulders and arms interplay in riding position.

By studying these factors closely, Craft Cycling are able to remove redundant fabric from the armpit area and to adjust the back and front pieces of our bike jerseys for an optimal riding-position fit. Craft analyze the hips/knees relation in a similar fashion in order to provide bibs with optimal functionality.

Craft Running Apparel Australia

Since 1977 CRAFT has devoted itself to developing Craft running apparel built to withstand extreme requirements in all conditions. Since then it has attracted hundreds of thousands of devoted fans and is now one of the most respected and bestselling brand of running apparel across Europe and throughout the world.

CRAFT have developed the CRAFT Principle to ensure that they are constantly producing the right gear for the right conditions and performance aspirations for every athlete. Most garments are designed to be part of an inner, middle or outer layer of clothing: "base" layer 1, layer 2 and "outer" layer 3. Garments in the base underwear layer 1 are designed to maintain the correct core body temperature in a given climate condition. Garments in layers 2 and 3 are designed according to the aspirations of the wearer.

CRAFT Activewear has great temperature control and moisture transport, and is designed for the more casual athlete or for training. CRAFT Performance gear adds better freedom of movement and functional fabrics to increase performance potential. It's designed for the active competitor.

The CRAFT Elite range is the creme de la creme - a no-expense spared collection that takes the best performance technology and fabrics available and combines them into ultra-light garments that can help elite athletes achieve world-beating results.

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