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There's more than one reason men’s compression tights are taking over the sports and fitness world. Not only do they provide the warmth and support your workout needs, they also comprise the latest in sportswear technology and are super comfortable.

At the gym, on your bike or lapping the track, compression tights are set to become your new favourite exercise buddy. This range from Onsport offers quality pieces from brands you love, including 2XU, BLK, Champion and Skins. Ready to upgrade your sportswear wardrobe, Australia? Shop the range and unlock your potential.









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Ultimate performance from compression tights

An essential piece for men that want to perform better, faster and harder, add men’s compression tights to your wardrobe so you can look and feel like a pro. Versatile enough for a range of sports, they not only provide comfort but can help prevent injury, too. How? Tights keep your muscles warmer and more oxygenated, helping to reduce muscle damage and fatigue.

Warming up, training, competing or recovering? We’ve got you covered. Treat your body well with full-length and half-length tights, with an innovative range that’s specifically designed for particular sports. In the gym, playing football or on your bike; choose quality and durability every time. This collection is skin-tight and streamlined for ease-of-movement and a modern aesthetic.

Give your sportswear wardrobe the element it’s been missing. Shop men’s compression shorts and compression tops to find the piece that could level up your workout. All compression products across Onsport are engineered for performance, so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Fast delivery for a better you

Power up your results in the gym and out of it with Onsport. Order today and have your men’s compression tights delivered within 2-5 business days, if you’re in Australia. You can find out more about our delivery methods here, we also ship internationally so check if your location is listed.

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