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Men's Running Shoes and Other Footwear

Run, jump, cycle, swim and kick like a man possessed with the wide range of men’s running shoes, men’s cross trainers and other sports and fitness footwear for men. Whether you’re running a marathon or a 5K, we have the specific training or race day shoe for you from Saucony, Newton Running and Skechers.

Golfers can shop for soft spike golf shoes and cross-over golf shoes from Niblick. If you like to hit the course and you’d like better grip and to look like a professional, pick up a pair of golf soft spikes from Niblick, they’ll change your game and look far more superior in proper golf shoes rather than playing golf in your running shoes.

Not only do we have running shoes to get your run on, as well as golfing shoes to get you swinging, we also offer a range of men’s footwear for those men participating in other sport and outdoor activities such as marine footwear, including yacht shoes, adventure outdoors shoes, and amphibian sneakers.

Shop men's running shoes, golf shoes and other marine footwear online today and earn points!