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Shop 2XU compression tights online in Australia including 2XU compression socks, men's and women's compression tights (or compression leggings), compression pants and compression tops. 2XU is a best-selling brand of compression clothing at onsport.com.au. 2XU Australia pride themselves on making the highest quality compression socks and compression tights for optimal athletic performance and training recovery. 2XU's compression socks are for flying as well as athletic performance. Shop our 2XU outlet online.








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2XU Compression

Shop 2XU Compression online in Australia at onsport.com.au! Shop 2XU Tights, including 2XU Full Compression Tights, 2XU Compression Shorts and 2XU 3/4 Compression Tights for Women.

2XU Compression Tights

Made for men and women in a variety of lengths, wearing 2XU compression tights can assist athletic performance by wrapping the leg muscles, reducing muscle damage and fatigue. In addition to assisting athletic performance during exercise activities, 2XU compression tights assist post-exercise recovery if compression garments are worn after exercising, as compression garments have been found to increase the supply of oxygen to athletes' muscles, promoting blood flow and circulation, reducing muscle soreness and speeding up muscle repair.

2XU compression tights are available as full length compression tights, 7/8 compression tights and 3/4 compression tights for women and men. The core range of compression tights by 2XU Australia includes colours such as black/nero and black/silver as well as other pops of colour from time to time. 2XU compression tights have become extremely popular the world over but particularly in Australia for performance and recovery benefits, as well as the flattering look they provide.

2XU Compression Shorts

Perfect for popping on under a pair of shorts, 2XU compression shorts work in a very similar way to compression tights, however, compression shorts focus on supporting and promoting blood flow to key muscles in the upper legs, including, the quadriceps, hamstrings and hips. 2XU compression shorts are available in a few lengths including full length and half length shorts and provide performance benefits during exercise, as well as recovery post-exercise. With a shorter leg length than a full tight or a 3/4 tight, 2XU compression shorts are ideal for the warmer months of the year and for use on race day, unless conditions are particularly cold. 2XU compression shorts have been suggested by physiotherapists to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent injury and for injured athletes returning to exercise from a hamstring or quadricep muscle injury.

2XU Compression Socks

Exercising and other athletic endeavours are just one of the many beneficial applications of the ultra versatile 2XU compression socks! Available in a variety of types for different purposes, 2XU compression socks have been designed for performance during running, cycling and working out as well as for recovery.

2XU run compression socks are designed to assist athletic performance during running, as the name suggests. Run compression socks for performance have slightly less compression to the 2XU recovery compression socks which are of a higher denier (thicker, more tightly woven and more durable) as compression-based recovery requires a firmer level of compression around the muscles and the garments don't need to be as flexible as performance-based compression garments.

Wearing 2XU compression socks during long-haul flights is another great application for these socks. Sitting down for long periods of time on flights can lead to the development of DVTs. Compression socks have been recommended for long distance flying as they assist blood flow and circulation, reducing the likelihood of DVTs developing, particularly in areas such as calf muscles, muscles prone to developing DVTs which can be fatal.

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At onsport.com.au you can shop a wide range of 2XU, from 2XU compression tops to 2XU singlets to shorts and race socks. You'll love the quality and comfort that 2XU provide. When you shop our 2XU outlet online at onsport.com.au you'll enjoy free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $50, free returns on orders over $99, plus you can earn loyalty points from our loyalty partners such as Velocity Frequent Flyer and CommBank Awards.

About 2XU

2XU was founded in Melbourne, Victoria and to this day their headquarters remains there. 2XU's brand philosophy is to advance human performance by creating products that help to do this. The secret behind 2XU's major success is their fabric and construction technology that makes 2XU one of the best sports compression companies in the market.

2XU is worn by many champion athletes around the world and 2XU compression is endorsed by sports institutions the world over. 2XU has been worn, reviewed and praised by professional athletes from all disciplines in sport. 2XU is said to have been "developed by athletes for themselves and other athletes".

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