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Lorna Jane is online here at onsport.com.au! Shop online our curated Lorna Jane sale range for the best Lorna Jane tights and women's activewear! Lorna Jane are one of the leading women's activewear clothing brands in Australia. Lorna Jane tights such as the Lorna Jane Amy 3/4 and Amy Full Tights and Lorna Jane sports bras are a few of our best selling women's clothing pieces. Lorna Jane's Flashdance Pants are also extremely popular as they are a super comfy, versatile casual pant. We offer Lorna Jane sale items during our online Lorna Jane outlet sale. Lorna Jane accessories such as the the Lorna Jane gym bag and LJ visor are also popular. If you're in Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, you'll love our Lorna Jane!








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Lorna Jane Australia

Lorna Jane is a market leading designer and manufacturer of fashionable women's activewear, such as tights in Australia. Lorna Jane was founded by Lorna Jane Clarkson in the 80's after Lorna Jane identified a gap in the market for high quality women's sportswear and gym gear that could be worn to yoga, pilates, running or to the gym.

As a result of not being able to purchase fashionable women's activewear when she wanted it, Lorna Jane set about designing and producing her own and has successfully turned a small yoga wear business into a global sportswear brand for ladies.

Lorna Jane Online

The most popular Lorna Jane styles available at onsport.com.au include: Lorna Jane Tights, Lorna Jane Tanks, Lorna Jane Sports Bras and Lorna Jane Crops.

Lorna Jane’s fashion forward designs, together with high quality production techniques and ultra premium, performance-based fabrics are what have largely driven the brand’s success and enormous following.

Believing a woman never has to sacrifice style for comfort, Lorna Jane seamlessly merges fashion with fitness to create feminine, functional and supportive activewear to propel you during your workout.

With over 130 stores worldwide, Lorna Jane Australia inspires women globally to embrace its 'Move, Nourish, Believe' philosophy and live their best active life everyday.

Lorna Jane Tights

Learn about the fabrics that make Lorna Jane activewear perfect for performance! Learn more about Lorna Jane Fabrics.

Lorna Jane Move, Nourish, Believe

Lorna Jane’s philosophy is centred around the three pillars of MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE. Lorna Jane Clarkson has long believed that it is these three principles that enable any woman to live an active life.

She believes they have helped her achieve her goals in life and by making them the philosophy for her brand she hopes to inspire and encourage all women to follow suit so they too can achieve their dreams and live their best life possible.

By following these three principles Lorna promises to:

  • MOVE her body every day

  • NOURISH from the inside out

  • BELIEVE in herself and that anything is possible, if you work hard enough

The MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE philosophy is embedded in Lorna Jane's DNA and is woven into every garment they create, so that you can continually be inspired to embrace an active life. Through this philosophy and her clothing, Lorna Jane Clarkson has developed a brand which inspires the women of Australia to live actively.

For those who want to get their Move, Nourish, Believe ON!

Welcome yourself into the home of the Move Nourish Believe Movement at Lorna Jane’s very own health and wellness blog – MOVENOURISHBELIEVE.COM. The go-to for the modern woman, MNB.COM is the type of blog you will want to bookmark; it’s your morning multi-vitamin; your three-thirtyitis pick me up and your daily digest.

Paving the way for the hot, the new and the inspiring, lose yourself in informative articles written by industry renowned professionals; learn new work-outs and ways to move, as well as how to nourish right with tips and advice from Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Lorna Jane Clarkson herself. Not to mention the opportunity to be inspired to live your very best life with an endless source of inspirational images and motivational quotes.

Most importantly, MNB.com is about spreading the message amongst other active women and encouraging self-worth. Get involved today, create discussion and unite in the movement that is changing women’s lives on step, one motivating word, and one work-out at a time.

Shop Lorna Jane online today at onsport.com.au! Find out more about Lorna Jane on their website.