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Mizuno offer high quality running shoes that runners from beginners to elite will love! Mizuno shoes offered at onsport.com.au, Australia's best online sports store, include neutral cushioned running shoes, as well as stability/guidance running shoes and performance running shoes. Popular styles include the Wave Rider, Wave Inspire, Wave Horizon and Wave Sky.

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Mizuno shoes are available in a variety of styles, support-levels, colours and sizes. Mizuno is a Japanese running shoe brand that has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high quality men's running shoes and women's running shoes. Here at onsport.com.au we sell three categories of running shoe based on support level/use: neutral shoes, support shoes, performance shoes.

What are Mizuno shoes?

Mizuno shoes are a Japanese brand of running shoes, netball shoes, football boots, tennis shoes and sporting equipment. Mizuno shoes opened as a family run business in Osaka Japan in 1935. Still family managed today, Mizuno is one of the leaders in athletic shoe manufacturing, as well as golf club, softball and other sporting equipment production. Mizuno shoes can be distinguished by the Mizuno 'run bird' logo symbol on the side of the shoe.

Are Mizuno shoes good?

Mizuno shoes are very high quality athletic footwear, specifically designed for a range of sports including, running, netball, tennis, football and more. Within the Mizuno running shoe range you'll find a variety of shoes from the more fashionable Mizuno Waveknit range to popular Mizuno support shoes, such as the Mizuno Wave Inspire right through to Mizuno's go-to cushion shoe, the Mizuno Wave Rider. Mizuno pride themselves in the design and production quality of Mizuno shoes.

Where are Mizuno shoes made?

Mizuno shoes have manufacturing factories in the following countries: Brazil, Cambodia, China, El Salvador, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam. Most of the Mizuno shoes available in Australia are manufactured in Vietnam.

What does the Mizuno logo represent?

The Mizuno logo is known as the Mizuno 'RunBird'. The Mizuno logo represents the Japanese belief, held by the Mizuno Corporation, in the concept of a universal approach to sport with unlimited space and energy. The Mizuno logo has been described as a free flowing, balanced graphic. The word Mizuno means 'water field' in Japanese.

Why are Mizuno shoes good for running?

Mizuno shoes are great for running as Mizuno's lineup of running shoes have been specifically tested, refined and manufactured over many years for this very purpose. Mizuno offer a range of running shoe styles to suit the various training and racing distances from long distance 'plodding' shoes with a larger heel-to-toe offset (drop) such as 12mm to shorter distance racing flats with a lower heel-to-toe offset (drop) such as 8-9mm. Mizuno have designed and refined a range of support shoes for those who need extra stability and guidance when they run because they over-pronate (ankle rolls inwards more than normal) upon impact with the ground. Mizuno have also created a great range of cushioned neutral running shoes for those who don't need the support of a stability or guidance shoe. To sum up, Mizuno shoes are great for running as they have been designed and manufactured for that very purpose.

Do Mizuno shoes run true to size?

Yes, they do. Mizuno shoes typically run true to size and often, unless there is a change in the shoe last used to create the shoe, there will be little variance in size / fit between models. For example, if you are currently wearing the Mizuno Wave Inspire, when upgrading to the next version of the Mizuno Wave Inspire you should expect a similar fit. All Mizuno shoes available online at onsport.com.au, regardless of whether they are men's Mizuno shoes or women's Mizuno shoes, are listed in US sizes for consistency.

Mizuno Neutral Shoes

Neutral shoes are sometimes referred to as cushioned shoes and these style of Mizuno shoes are aimed at the runner who has a natural or normal level of pronation, reducing the requirement for strong medial support to prevent the runner's ankle from rolling inwards. Consequently, neutral shoes tend to have more cushion, less support and can be slightly more responsive than the support shoes. Netural shoes available at onsport.com.au include: Wave Rider, Wave Rider Wave Knit, Wave Sky.

Wave Rider

The Wave Rider has been an extremely popular style over the years. The Wave Rider is the best-selling shoe in Mizuno's neutral shoe category. Featuring cloudwave technology, U4icX heel wedge and deeper grooves in the lateral heel to provide a smooth landing, the neutral runner will love this 12mm cushioned running shoe for logging lots of miles in. The Wave Rider RRP is A$220.

Wave Sky

The sky's the limit with the Wave Sky. The Wave Sky is a cushioned running shoe that takes running luxe to the next level! Featuring an all new AeroHug upper to secure the runner's midfoot, full-length U4icX bottom wedge for a super plush ride, the Wave Sky has quickly become the favoured running shoe for Mizuno fans looking for a running shoe that has plenty of cushion but is deep enough to fit an orthotic in and stable enough to provide some support, when combined with the runner's orthotic. The Wave Sky RRP is A$260.

Mizuno Support Shoes

Support shoes are sometimes referred to as stability or guidance shoes and these style of Mizuno shoes are aimed at the runner who has over-pronation, requiring a slightly more structured shoe with more medial support to prevent the runner's ankle from rolling inwards more than normal/average. Over-pronation can put additional pressure and strain on feet, ankles, knees and joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles in the legs. Support shoes are typically required for runners who are either flat footed or have a low foot arch. Support shoes available here at onsport.com.au include: Wave Inspire, Wave Horizon and Equate.

Wave Inspire

The Wave Inspire is the go-to support shoe and one of our best-selling Mizuno shoes of all time! One reason the Wave Inspire is such as popular running shoe is it delivers stability and cushioning at the same time whilst remaining responsive in feel. This 12mm drop shoe features the famous Wave plate (hence the name 'Wave' Inspire), has soft cushioning and U4ic midsole and Enerzy outsole heel wedge for a dynamic, enjoyable ride every time you run. A new engineered mesh upper gives the Wave Inspire a breathable, comfortable upper feel and the sharp colour choices make this running shoe a great option for support shoe wearers. The Wave Inspire RRP is A$220.

Wave Horizon

The Wave Horizon shoes are another popular choice amongst Mizuno shoe aficionados. The Wave Horizon is a premium support shoe that features SmoothRide support technology, a midsole compound of U4ic and U4icX and is touted as Mizuno's most advanced running shoe yet. Including AeroHug technology in the upper, the Wave Horizon provides a supportive, comfortable, responsive ride. The Wave Horizon RRP is A$260.

Wave Equate

Different to the two aforementioned supportive running shoes, the Wave Equate style offers a moderate level of support to runners who require less support or gym goers who are looking for a great all round cross-training shoe. The Wave Equate also has a U4ic midsole and U4icX outsole heel wedge and the Mizuno Wave technology provides this Mizuno shoe with a stable, supportive but responsive ride that runners who require less support (guidance shoe runners) will enjoy. The Equate RRP is A$190.

Mizuno Performance Shoes

Performance running shoes are classified in a separate category as they have been designed and manufactured for events and race days and are typically used by runners during speed sessions also due to their lighter weight and less bulky profile. Performance shoes can be used for most running distances, from 5k to 10k through to half marathons and even the full marathon. Typically performance shoes are built for the road or for use on short grass or the track events. Performance shoes available online here at onsport.com.au include: Wave Emperor and the Wave Shadow.