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Women's Activewear Bottoms

Yoga Pants Leggings Tights Shorts

Bottoms, we all have them, but it’s what we choose to cover them with that determines how we feel about them and how they look when we’re working up a sweat! You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality when it comes to women’s activewear and if you choose quality over price, you’ll be choosing an activewear piece that will likely last longer and in the long run might actually save you more.

Women’s activewear bottoms styles available at onsport.com.au include, yoga pants, sport shorts, tights, leggings, running shorts, capri pants, yoga shorts, workout pants, cargo pants, casual pants and various other styles. These styles are available in a variety of colours and lengths. Choose from slimming black for those of you who like to make a classic, chic statement, to bold and bright prints and patterns for those who like to show off what their mother gave them! There are many different shorts, tights and pants lengths to choose from when shopping online at onsport.com.au, including half shorts, full length shorts, half tights, three quarter tights, 7/8 tights, full length tights, 3/4 pants, full length pants and more. 

So, whether you’re looking for running shorts, workout tights, leggings, yoga pants or any other type of women’s sport and fitness bottoms, look no further than the Women’s Bottoms page on onsport.com.au!